My very first costume design job was back in 1993.  I was tasked with costuming "Oklahoma!" for my High School in Jamestown, ND.  What a mammoth of a show!  I had such an interest in sewing and creative expression through clothing that it seemed a natural fit.  From that first job I have been dedicated to the director's concept, coordination, creative collaboration, and supporting the story through costumes.  I also have an extensive knowledge of period, textiles, and techniques that was garnered over years of retail, freelance, and custom designing.  I have worked for theatre companies, costume shops, and films.  Contact me for more info, or for rental information.

I have been in the business of theatre since childhood, and always took pride in doing whatever I could to be involved.  This has made me a well rounded performer with a passion for story-telling.  When I direct (and act) I serve the story first.  I also have a full and very real sense of the state of our artistic world today and am very conscious of budget, space, and the demands of an audience.  We are there for them, after all.  As a performer I have a broad base of experience and specialize in the character roles (with a side of leading lady).  Resumes are available upon request. 

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Welcome to the crash spot for all of my creative endeavors.  I am an actor/director with over two decades of experience in the business, and an extensive costume design portfolio.  I prize myself on my creative, budget-conscious designs.  I am currently the Artistic Director and Production Designer at the Round Barn Theatre in Nappanee, IN (which also has an extensive rental stock).  For more information on the theatre season at RBT visit their website.

I also have a passion for textile arts and quilting. There is a portfolio of my quilts above, and I always have a stock of quilts for sale.  Email for more information.

I have been quilting since childhood and feel an amazing sense of connection to history when I quilt.  I am always leaning new techniques and am up to the challenge of any new project.  I have experimented with many different textile media.  I have many quilt designs that are completed and for sale (stock is constantly changing, so email for photos of current selections), and have also made custom quilts for clients across the country.  If you have interest in a ready-made or custom design quilt, send an email.  If you have an Amber Burgess original and have care/maintenance questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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